Day three…

Jay Sloop, Missing
Kiev, Ukraine 2013/05/13

While I don’t have much updated information about the search today I’ll simply start with what I know and come back and update as we know more and/or have confirmation of what happened so far today.

It’s about 5p in Kiev as I write this. I think we have a few hours of light left.

The intent was to search the park and see if Jay was somewhere in an inaccessible part of the park, or had fallen etc.

The reason we felt it was wise to search the park more carefully is that it appears as though multiple security cameras showed Jay walking toward this park, and going in, and not coming back out past the same cameras. This park is also a place where Jay and locals and friends would regularly walk. I know first-hand that Jay, at the weekend, walked through the park with friends.

The day started off fairly dreary – rain. Jeff was discouraged because it appeared that no one was coming to assist the search. But I’ve seen conflicting reports of who and how many people were out searching today. Until I know something more certain, we’ll just say that what has occurred today isn’t clear from here. We’re just not sure at the moment how many people turned up to assist.

I’ve also had word that the local Police was also involved in the search.

If we did get local help and if the police did expend substantial resources on the search that would be a very good thing.

I’ve heard from numerous sources that the coverage has been substantial: TV, radio, posters etc. I think a lot of hard work is going on in difficult circumstances and we truly appreciate all the effort being put forth from everyone there.

Jeff, because it was raining, doesn’t have his phone with him. We have not yet heard back from him.

So, we’re essentially waiting to hear from someone first-hand what has transpired today. The minute we know more that isn’t rumor or third-hand information, we’ll be sure to update and let you know.

For now all we can do is wait and ask for God’s care, patience and peace.


20 thoughts on “Day three…

  1. Gary and Malia Tolbert

    We are very sorry to hear of this event. We are hoping and praying that Dr Jay will be found soon and in good health.

  2. Sara Hessing

    Greg, Lisa and Family,
    I am so so sorry that you are going through this difficult trial. You are in our families prayers. We are praying that you will have the strength and peace that you need at this time. Also, that the searchers minds will be clear and that they will be directed in where to find Dr. Sloop.

  3. Paula Cobleigh

    I have posted a plea on facebook for people to spread the word and join in the search if they can. I have about 2,800 followers from all over the world, so hopefully this will help find Jay. My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  4. Marilyn Coughren

    We have known Jay & Sharlene since the days when the boys were little and days of working together at Total Health in Yakima. He is such a dear, loving man. He always carries the Lord in his heart, and we pray that he will be found soon, and in good health. Dick & Marilyn Coughren

  5. Don & Drucilla Glass

    Greg and family, our constant prayers have been with all of you ever since we heard the news quite early the first day. We called your mom soon after and tried to convey our sympathy. Please keep her informed that we are thinking of her. As you know, the Sloops are among our dearest friends and we fondly remember Sabbath lunch in your and Lisa’s home with Jay and Sharlene a few years back. One thing we know–Jay is one of the most caring, God serving, God fearing people on earth and his fate is in God’s hands. Thanks for keeping everyone updated through the Family Blog!

    Don & Druicilla Glass
    Collegedale, TN

  6. Susan Harboldt

    Our heartfelt prayers and concern are with you all during this trying time. Our daughter Elise had a lovely visit with Dr. Sloop at the booth she was manning at the IVC in Loma Linda several months ago, and she said though she had just met him she felt like she had known him all her life. “When the anchor that faith has cast is dragging in the gale, I am quietly holding fast to the things that cannot fail.” May the Lord bless and keep you–and him.

  7. Kara

    I hope he is found soon! Sorry to hear of this horrific event…god bless his family..thinking about you guys

  8. Jeanne Hardinge Ekvall

    Prayers are ascending heavenward frequently for Dr. Sloop and your family by our family and children, church members, and many Facebook friends. Wish we could be there to help in the search.

  9. LaurelR

    Your dad and family are very much in our prayers and hearts. I’ve posted a plea for help on Facebook, including specifically to friends in the mountaineering community.

  10. Jennie Wilkinson

    I’m so sorry Greg! Praying for Jay and for all your family. Wish I could be there in Kiev to help. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  11. Lynette Wilson

    Last night, we had a very nice prayer vigil in our church, your family’s church here in Yakima. We lifted Jay, you boys and your families up to the Lord.
    We will continue to pray for strength, peace, understanding and the comfort that only the Lord can provide.
    My family and I have known your family since you moved here all those years ago…which kind of makes it feel like you are an extension of our family. 🙂
    Much love and prayer,
    Tom and Lynette Wilson
    Yakima Washington

  12. Christine (Price) Kabush

    My heart is aching for you all. Dr. & Mrs. Sloop are beloved icons in my memory. It wasn’t church without them. My famiy’s prayers are with you, as well as several dozen friends, famiy, our church here in Homedale (Idaho) and I’ve been spreading word online as well.

  13. Janet Penner

    Our prayers are with Jay’s family and loved ones. We are confident that our miracle working God is with Jay at this time. My sister in law who lives in the Middle East said that she has been in contact with friends in Kiev who are helping in the search. May God strengthen all our faith as the search continues and it is our hope and prayer that soon Jay will be reunited with his family.
    Our love & prayers,
    Janet Penner

  14. Karen Wasiczko

    Our family has been praying for the safe return of Dr. Jay, our dear friend and wonderful mentor. May God provide many people to take part in the search, keep them all safe, and guide them where they need to look. May He also give all of Jay’s family comfort during these trying times.

  15. colleen allen

    We are praying everyday for a safe and healthy return to his family. All who are involved in the search are also in our prayers and his family and loved ones. God Bless and keep in His strength, He will see you through.

  16. Ella Jones

    Dear family, we are praying for you and thinking of you all day long. May God send you His peace and love. Words cannot describe our feelings of sadness and unbelief. We only know that Jesus is even more nearer now than before. He is coming and bringing rewards to those that suffer His cause. Do not give up! Dr. Jay is in God’s hands. Our love and prayers, Ella, Wenatchee, WA.

  17. Aurora

    If there ever was anyone who could cling tenaciously to hope, and wait for rescue, it is Dr. Sloop. My prayers for wisdom and insight, courage and persistence for the searchers, and comfort and peace for the family and friends.

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