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The service is tomorrow [Saturday, April 26] at 3:30p at the Yakima SDA Church.

Also, there will be a live stream of the service you can watch. I don’t have the address right now, but I’ll post it as soon as I can get it in the morning.

If you can, check in again in the morning, and I’ll try to have the details for the live-stream available. I may have one more detail for those planning to attend the service and the reception afterward.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and words. We appreciate them greatly!


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  1. Don & Drucilla Glass

    Sabbath, 4/26/2014

    Even though it is not possible for us to be there today, our thoughts and prayers are with Sharlene and the entire sloop family. When we think of the “Sloop family” happy memories flood into our minds. In 1965 or 1966 we were blessed when Jay, Sharlene and the twins moved to Lubbock, Texas and became very involved in our church and school activities. Our families enjoyed each other’s company and “the twins” were Jeffrey’s first true friends at that age.

    Sharlene soon became our church organist and Jay promptly started teaching and speaking when needed. From these positions they immediately observed and determined that our church had physical needs that required attention. Typical of organized Jay, he and Sharlene hired an Architectural designer to draw up plans for refurbishing our sanctuary, nursery, pastor’s study, etc to encourage a more reverant, worshipful place to worship God.

    Jay had been elected to the Church Board as Finance Committee Chairman. Wisely, he presented these plans with budgeted costs first to the entire board so they all heard it at the same time. It was voted to move forward with his plan one project at a time only when funds were in hand. He accepted this challenge and he and I organized and worked on construction along with the help of a few contractors and member volunteers and soon a beautiful church became a reality.

    Little things that we gleaned from his talks and example continue to bless us–how to put “spark” in your marriage, never start eating until the wife/mother is at the table, when you get a new news paper or
    magazine, throw the old ones away–even if it hasn’t been read, etc, etc.

    At a time when our family had a great, long term need of support and encouragement, Jay, Charlene and their boys opened their home. They willingly gave of their time, financial support and friendship without reservation until it was resolved.

    A day never goes by that we don’t appreciate the love and friendship shown to us by the Sloop family! Our prayers are with you today as we watch the Live Stream.

    Don & Drucilla Glass

  2. Don & Drucilla Glass

    Greg, Just want to let you know how much we appreciated all you and other family did to make it possible for those of us who could not attend to be included in the tribute to your dad via live stream. The service was beautiful and brought so many wonderful memories of our times together with the Sloop family while Jay was at Reese AFB in Lubbock.

    We let everyone we could think of who knew your family know about the live stream link. Some who were unable to connect have contacted us to ask if it will be available on DVD or other media so they can see it. Is that being considered? Let me know and I will pass the word along.

    Let Randy & Rick know how much of your Dad’s & Mom’s personality came through in their presentations. Jeff (our son who was their age and best buddy in Lubbock) relived memories of wonderful times with them on family camp outs & outings.

    One somewhat sad time he recalled was the accident involving the three boys
    chopping wood, Randy with the axe and the demise of the families pet Daschund on a camping trip to Colorado. Jeff would enjoy hearing from the twins.

    Thanks again for all you have done throughout this tragedy through blog and tribute–it means a lot!!


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