How you can help…

After a lot of updates and information today, it seems like the most likely place Jay might be, and the best use of resources is to search a local hill and surrounding areas.

The park, is Zamkova Gora. Evidently there are very steep sections of the park and it is hard to effectively search the area. They would like to to a very through search – if possible, what we’d call a grid search.

But to do this, they will need as many people as possible. Jeff Sloop [Jay’s Grandson] would ask that everyone that can, please come to the Union office in Kiev, at Luk’yanovskaya ulitsa, 9/10B – (ул. Лукьяновская 9Б). (Phone: 467-50-49) He would like to keep people as safe as possible and not have anyone get injured while searching, so please use good judgement both in deciding if you can help, as well as when you are searching.

Even more helpful would be mountaineering people who might have ropes, harnesses and rock-climbing experience to search areas that are less accessible.

With both kinds of people we can have people searching the areas they are most capable of searching without having anyone in a place they won’t be safe in.

So, could you please contact any friends you may have in Kiev and the surrounding areas that could possibly take some time to search for Jay.

Again – I’m reachable via phone or email should you have questions or comments.

So, again – the request is this:

      Ask anyone you know in Kiev to come out and search for Jay


      When: 8a local time on Thursday, May 16, 2013


      Where: Meet at : SDA Union Office: Luk’yanovskaya ulitsa, 9/10B [ул. Лукьяновская 9/10А / ул. Лукьяновская 9Б]


      Google maps link:,+30.505832+&hl=en&sll=50.463477,30.505224&sspn=0.003118,0.005761&t=h&z=16


      What: They will be searching this area: Zamkova Gora [or Zamkova Hora]


    Google maps link:,+30.505832+&hl=en&ll=50.462183,30.511597&spn=0.006236,0.011523&sll=50.463477,30.505224&sspn=0.003118,0.005761&t=h&z=17

Also, if you or anyone there knows someone with ropes and harnesses and experience, please bring them. There are areas to search where these will be useful, perhaps necessary.
Thanks so much.

Please forward via email, facebook, twitter etc. We would really like to get as much participation as possible. Every hour that passes may be critical. Certainly things become more and more dire the more time that goes by that Jay isn’t found.


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  2. CIndy Nutter

    Greg and Lisa, we are so sorry and will definitely keep you all in our prayers! As you know, I have very special memories of your mom and dad . . .

    Cindy (and Dave in absentia)

  3. Jayne Vondracek

    I just want you to know that here in Australia we & people from our church are praying for you all, Dr Jay Sloop delivered my 2 youngest, he is very dear to our hearts.

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  5. Veronica

    Hey there. Saw a post about this on Facebook. I’m an American living in Kyiv. And wanted to let you know that there are posters on Khreschatyk about Jay’s disappearance. And I’ve seen it in multiple places on Facebook. I’ll help get the word out as well. Keeping y’all in my thoughts!

  6. Georgene Bond

    I am praying that your search will be successful. May God bless and be with all in your family during this extremely stressful time.

  7. Susan Eakin

    I’m contacting a good friend who worked several times with news agencies in Kiev to see if her contacts there can help. Jay is an amazing man and we are praying for his safe return.

  8. Rhonda Taylor

    We emailed the musicians from Kiev who stayed with us this year. You never know when someone may come forward with information. Praying for Dr. Sloop and the family.

  9. Jennifer Caesar

    I will never leave you or forsake you, this is the promise we have in Jesus. Dr.Sloop the Lord is with you always. We will pray for you and your family. Ottawa East Church in Canada.

  10. Linda Brown

    Praying for the safe return of Jay and for all those searching for him and family…May The Lord put a protection around him and keep him until found.

  11. Nola & Murit Aichele

    We’re praying for all of you. Wish we could be there to help search but Yakima is along ways away. I’m glad there is a spot we can check in on to see updates on the search. Our family has been so blessed by Jay’s ministries.

  12. pam b

    Prayers are being said. We nurses on the 4th floor are with you in our hearts and prayers we must be strong the family needs all our positive thoughts today and our prayers for long day ahead of them. Dear Lord please bring him to his wonderful family they need him today and always. God Bless.

  13. Kay Cooksley

    We have been praying from the time we had heard ~ Have contacted those we know – Our exchange student from Kiev and a school there. The Lord works in mysterious ways. All things work together for good (not all things are good). God bless each as you are lead to move forward and for HIS glory. He does not grow weary of our coming to Him. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. My Prayer: Lord give peace as we have an opportunity in trusting you- help each to keep moving forward.

  14. Diane

    I was shocked and saddened to hear of the news of Dr Sloop’s gone missing. He was my doctor for years and I will always remember him telling me, if you eat on a day you should walk on that day. 🙂 He is a dear man and I have been praying for God to reveal his whereabouts. As I know that God knows exactly where he is. We are in prayer and expecting answers soon. God bless you all and may you recieve the mighty comfort the Holy Spirit can give.

  15. Steve and Cindy

    Dear Sloop Family:

    Steve and I have been praying unceasingly for Jay’s safe return since the moment we heard about this. Jay delivered both of our girls and went with us to Turkey one year. He is so precious to us and we consider him family. The Turkish sociology professor who translated for him in Turkey was so disappointed he wasn’t with us on our most recent trip. She said “He was my favorite speaker of all the health presenters!” In our hearts our arms are around all of you as you go through this very difficult time. Our prayers will not cease! Steve and Cindy

  16. Heidi

    Our prayer group has been praying for the last 24 hours that you would have more help and he would be found before Sabbath. We will continue to lift this in prayer. God is mighty and faithful. May He disclose what’s hidden is our prayer and preserve Dr. Sloop according to His best purpose. We are praying for a miracle.

  17. Kyla

    Praying for the Sloop family and the safety of everyone in Kiev. Have search dogs been used in the search?
    Our thoughts & prayers,
    Stan &Kyla Way

  18. H. H. Hill

    Jay, a very dear friend for many years. Totally stunned and shcked by the news. Surely the Lord will care for him, a man of deep hman concern and steadfast conviction. My prayers are with him and his precious family. Dear Lord, please show your hand in his behalf!

    Herb Hill

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