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July 14, 2013 – Update

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. 🙂
But I haven’t had time to get up a new post, and there’s not a lot of new information to report.

I have a new post nearly ready to go up, but I thought I’d start with a few administrative details and get the new post up a little later in the day.

A while back, someone told me that the “comments” were not showing up, and they couldn’t go back and re-read old comments. I’d set the comments sections to “close” after seven days – this helps cut down on the blog-spam I have to purge. But it has an unintended effect too – it makes it so not only is it impossible to post new comments after seven days, but it apparently also prevents you from even reading the comments. [It removes the links to the comments sections…]

I’ve changed this – you can now leave and read all the old comments. I’ll see if there is some way you can still navigate to the comments, but not make new comments. [Or perhaps I’ll just continue to deal with blog-spam! 🙂 Within a couple of minutes of re-enabling comments, I already have a block-spam attempt! Ugh! ]

Another item: RSS Feeds.I have not used RSS feed readers for quite a while. But as I’ve reviewed the RSS feed-readers, it seems that “Feedly” is one of the best. However, I doubt it’s going to be a great boon for those who aren’t already fairly technically savvy – and it’s the non-tech-savvy who would benefit from using it the most, I think.

But you’re welcome to see about using it. It’s available for iOS [iPad, iPhone etc] as well as Android and MacOS and Windows. Simply search for it in the iOS store, or the Android Play store. Google searches for the MacOS or Windows versions should get you there too.

Android: [iPad, iPhone]:
Feedly for Firefox:
Feedly for Chrome:
Feedly for Safari:

Ok, I’ll be back when I have the “real” deal up!