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SloopJayHighRes-200x300Jay Sloop, Missing
Kiev Ukraine, 2013/05/14


It was just one week ago, today that we got the call that Dad [Jay] was missing.

I’d like to take some time reflecting on what’s happened in the last week, on how that’s changed each of us, and on how many lives Jay has touched, and now, on how many lives have touched his in the outpouring of care, love, time, and resources to find him.

But that reflecting will have to wait some. I simply don’t have the time, right now, to do that. So, I’ll update you on what’s happened and what we anticipate doing today.

It’s nearing the end of the day in Kiev, but I haven’t had any chance to discuss what’s occurring since late yesterday with Randy or Jeff.

One of the people with Dad suggested another scenic park nearby Zamkova – and we thoroughly searched that yesterday, along with some other locations, without any significant results. These searches were done by about 25 seminary students who have given large portions of their day, both yesterday and Sunday to come do some pretty miserable work. While I’m told we treated them with ice-cream, it’s got to be the lousiest deal ever for some ice-cream. We thank them for their care and time from the deepest part of our hearts.

The police evidently brought an air-scenting dog to search the Zamkova park to see if it could find any localized source of Dad scent.

There are quite a number of different techniques for using dogs and scents, and I don’t know about, or understand them all. Thus I’m not entirely sure what the capability of the dog is/was. I would assume that the dog would potentially be able to find something of Dad’s left behind – say a piece of clothing, or if Dad were concealed somewhere in the park. This would be different than a “tracking” dog which would attempt to follow scent left behind to find the intended person.

As I understand it, only very small portions of the park could be covered with this search – if I recall correctly, a dog like this is only effective for something like four to six hours or so. With a single dog, and limited time, you have to try to check the most likely locations – but for a park this size, that’s a tiny portion.

Early in the morning, Monday they went out to identify additional security cameras that *might* offer additional details. Getting the camera feeds has been difficult, but it is something they are working on.

The police seem to have turned the corner into really getting involved – I suspect the media attention had helped. Yesterday there were police involved in searching small areas of the Zamkova park, yet again. They were also involved in asking for the security camera feeds. [Up to now, as I understand it, the camera feeds have all been obtained by private individuals simply asking the camera owner, nicely, if they would share it.]

I know there have been multiple efforts to talk to people who visit the park during the morning hours when dad was last seen. There was an attempt yesterday to talk to people we saw in the video who visited the park right near the time Dad visited on last Tuesday.

There were two media interviews yesterday. One was for a paper [Kiev post] that seems like a good solid paper, less interested in sensationalism and more interested in doing a reasonable presentation of the story. The other was for the largest TV channel, and while it’s nice to have coverage, it’s also hard to live with the desires and financial incentives that drive ratings and sensational reporting.

And again, we’ve been observing a day of prayer and fasting. If you joined our invitation, thanks! The very fact that you’re here reading this means you probably care and we appreciate your care and the great efforts that are being put forth to help.

It’s almost 8p in Kiev right as I type this. Hopefully I’ll have more details to give a bit later in the day.


Posted 2013/05/21 10a PT

11 thoughts on “Tuesday AM

  1. Tye Davis

    There are dozens at the Andrews University Theological Seminary praying for Dr. Jay and the entire Sloop family. Thank you for your faithful updates and we will continue to pray until answers are found!

  2. Gena Giesbrecht

    Dear Dr. Randy and Dr. Christine,
    I just wanted to let you know that I am still praying for all of you. Dr. Randy, I hope that somehow you can feel the prayers that are being prayed, while you are so far away from all of us and your family. There is a verse in the Bible that talks about….Look up into the hills from wince cometh your help. May God be with you.
    Love and Prayers,
    Gena Giesbrecht

  3. Mary Brown

    The Spiritual Ambassadors at Florida Hospital are praying for Dr. jay and his entire family. May God sustain you and guide you and help you find your loved one!

  4. Gloria Huerta

    Dear Sloop family,
    Your family at IT IS WRITTEN is praying for you, that your dad may be found very, very, very soon. We all are feeling your concerns. Though few of us know your dad personally, nonetheless, he is our family too.
    May God continue to provide you with everything you need every moment of every day as this search continues.

  5. Juliet Mugadza

    Praying for you. This is a very difficulty time but God is right by your side. He is in control. We don’t have answers but He does. Lifting you up in our prayers everyday. Thank you for the updates.

  6. Herb & Gail Giebel

    We continue to pray with you. We appreciate the updates SO much. Thank you for taking the time to do this so that Jay’s friends around the world can know how to keep praying for the search efforts and all of you.

    Herb and Gail

  7. Marilynn Clark

    All of the praying people I work with and our families are also keeping your Dad as well as the whole family and all the rescue people in our prayers…without ceasing. I am not at all surprised by the numbers of people who have been touched by his caring and encouragement over the years. The stories are endless. Many have said they will put him on their varied church “prayer lists”. We all remain hopeful. God speed.

  8. Share & Ed

    Greg, you are doing an awesome job of keeping all of us informed. We check the blog first thing in the morning and last thing at night, along with several times daily…and I know we are not alone in doing that. You and your entire family are being covered with love, prayers, deep support and concern. Those who are actively involved in Kiev are never far from our thoughts. Your blog is keeping us connected to them. Thank you – we love you. Ed & Share 🙂

  9. Carol Moore

    I just learned of this and while I don’t know Dr. Sloop or your family, I do know that you are in need of prayer. Please know that my family and I will be joining yours in prayer. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. If your father were able to personally voice it to you right now, I’m sure he’d let you know what an amazing son–and family–he has. Thank God for your wonderful spirit and tenacity. What a blessing Dr. Sloop must be to have so many that love and care for him. I know it must be hard to keep doing so, but stay encouraged and know that that the Lord is with you every step of this journey.

  10. Crystal Stoltzfus (Kablanow)

    My family and I as well as the West Plains SDA Church in Spokane have been praying for Jay and your entire family as well as for the searcher’s since we found out about Jay’s disappearance last Tuesday morning. We have been very close to Jay and Charlene since I was born. In fact Jay was the first person to ever see me! 🙂 Randy and Christine have been on many mission trips to the Ukraine with my dad and one year I was able to go too. I know it is not an easy area for a search. There are so many places… I pray for you all multiple times every day and ask for Jay’s safe return. I cling to God’s promise that He will not give us more than we can bear and that He will work all things to His glory! [1 Cor. 10:13; Rom. 8:28] “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, even though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; though its waters roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with swelling.” Psalm 46:1-3 I keep clinging to those promises. Our love and prayers are with each of you!!!

  11. kit & gaylord case

    Thank-you Greg! and again thank-you, for all information you continue updating us with. Many times through out the day I want to check with family but remember they are surely being questioned by many. With your updates we continue to pray and beg for courage and comfort to the whole family. The angels continue to surround your entire family because we are told,” For He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.” When the enemy comes in like a flood, the angel of the Lord will lift up a standard against thee. May be some of my interpretation, but praise God, this gives me HOPE. If nothing else at this very moment God will be with the whole family and with Dr. Jay. Praise God for Dr. Jay’s encouraging wise councel and even love just as a friend in Christ. Please Jesus show the searchers where your servant is. kit case

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