Tuesday evening…

Well, I’m not keeping up my duties very well am I. Alas, I’m trying. [I’ll do better boss, I promise!]

Well, Randy sent another update some hours ago. No good news to report. There’s lots of interesting things – and I’ll come back and give you a fuller story – but I simply don’t have the time right now. [Rachelle has been complaining that her Daddy is busy in front of the computer far too often – and since I spend a lot of time there normally, you can imagine it’s quite a bit worse than “normal.”]

Each post of even moderate size can take well over an hour to write, and proof and re-write and re-proof etc. Longer posts are probably at least two hours of work. And I don’t have an hour at this moment.

So, I guess the appropriate idiom would be…
You are just going to get a lick and a promise.

I’ll try to be back before 10p PT and follow-up. But no guarantees, refunds or returns allowed. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, etc.

Thanks for understanding.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday evening…

  1. Selene Hernandez

    You take care of your family, we will continue to pray and hang on to God’s promises Psalm 91. God bless you! and thanks again for the updates.


  2. pixie paradis

    Dear Friends,
    We are praying for the safe return of your father. We know that the Jesus you love and serve will take care of you and your family. He has promised to see us through until His coming. Keep on trusting. And know that there are many people praying for an answer.
    Pixie and Art Paradis

  3. Gwen Payne

    Yes, I am following your posts. Your dad made it possible for us to adopt our daughter. Your mom and dad took care of her at your home for 3 weeks until we could make arrangements to legally take custody of her. They called her “Tootsie” for the duration—and were becoming attached to her themselves. This was back in 1978. Her birth mother wanted her to be raised as a Seventh-day Adventist because your dad was a Seventh-day Adventist, and she wanted her child to be like him. That certainly says a lot about the good character of your father!

  4. Virginia Davidson

    I keep checking…keep clicking that “refresh” button…keep praying. Dear God!–please hold Your hand over Dr. Sloop! Please restore him to his family and his mission, and somehow use this situation to bring glory to your cause!

  5. Casey Stilwell

    Greg, you are doing an awesome job of giving us information. You are very appreciated for whatever information you can put out. I am just so sorry that your dad hasn’t been found yet. He is in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Ross and Leona Wilkinson

    Continuing to pray for Dr. Sloop and uplifting Sharlene and family to God for His intervention.

  7. Kari Wagner

    Dr. Sloop was my doctor for a few years starting when I was 16 until I moved away from Yakima. He also delivered my daughter who is now 21. He was always SO nice and respectful and I never felt judged for being a teen Mom. I was always so appreciative of that. I am sending prayers to you and your family in this difficult time and still pray for a positive outcome.

  8. Marian & Kerry Forschler

    Please, Greg., your posts don’t have to be perfect. Don’t drain your energy trying to make them so. I’m sure we all understand. We appreciate the news that you’re able to send whatever form & shape. We continue praying.

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