Update – Monday plans

Posted Sunday 7.30p PT / 5.30A Kiev time

It’s about 5a in Kiev, and I just got some updates – this time from Randy.

He’s been really thankful and impressed with all the generous help we’ve been getting.

He says words like “tremendous” and “spectacular” and I know he’s right. He contacted the hospitals, in person this time, and it seems they feel a bit overwhelmed, kind of like the Embassy.  “The hospital and morgues have been contacted so many times, that they know the story by heart.

He says they have been following up on every lead possible, every sighting.
Someone had claimed to see Dad in one of the Cathedrals. Randy went there and spoke with the head rector, and everyone on the staff. They even assisted by calling the staff that were not there yesterday and talking to them too.

I’m told that as many as 50,000 flyers are being prepared to be posted around Kiev, along with the 5000+ already out there. Fifty thousand! [His name might just be on every lip, at least in Kiev, before this is over! When they say “Jay Sloop” it sounds really funny to our ears though. 🙂 ]

Jay’s disappearance has been in the news numerous times there and we’re told that there will be another story tomorrow – a human interest story, I’m told.

While we don’t have any new leads, tomorrow we will continue to investigate all the places Jay was known to visit while out walking etc. One friend of his recalled another place they had walked and we plan to check that location thoroughly – it’s fairly close to the park we have already searched.

So, Monday will be another incredibly busy day. It looks like it will be a warm [but not too hot] day, with little to no rain, at least until tonight. That should be a help for people who are outside.

I’m sure I’m missing some things – but I can always come back and post later.

Keep everyone, the lost and the searchers, in your prayers. We all need it.



11 thoughts on “Update – Monday plans

  1. Deborah Ward

    We all send our prayers for Doctor Sloop’s safe return. Blessing sent to Doctor Sloop, his family and friends. We anxiously await to hear good news!

  2. Casey Stilwell

    We prayed at each session this weekend at our Women’s Retreat. And we will continue as long as Dr. Jay is missing. Many of the attendees know Doctor and are all lifting him up in prayer.

    Blessings on you and the family,

  3. Linnea Torkelsen

    We continue to follow the search daily and join the family of God in praying…Linnea and Max

  4. Janet Penner

    We will continue to pray for Jay and your family. We are confident that God is looking after Jay, and are praying that soon Jay will be found. Keep up your courage and just know that God is a miracle working God.
    God loves Jay and his precious family and all those who are searching.
    Love and prayers,
    Janet Penner

  5. Karla Grady (Duncan)

    We are continuing to pray. Trusting in the fact that he is not lost in God’s sight! Blessings to your family.

  6. Karen Carmichael

    We are all praying. in the Forest Grove Oregon church, that Dr. Jay will be found alive and also for all of the family and volunteers.

  7. Debbie Rippee

    Greg, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work & diligence in keeping up this blog. I am grateful for any info about the search for Dr Jay, he has touched & enriched so many of our lives. I continue to pray for your family & all those wonderful people involved in the search & I look forward to hearing soon of his safe return.
    Debbie Rippee

  8. Carla Gober

    We continue to pray that Jay is safe and that the strength of the those searching is maintained.
    Carla and Gordon

  9. Roy L Galutia

    Our family is continuing to pray for a Good ending For Jay and his Family …. Several members of our family were patients of Jays over the years … If it were possible I would be there lending a hand in the search ….

  10. Karen Wasiczko

    Our family continues to keep Jay and all of your family in our daily thoughts and prayers. Over the years Jay has been a wonderful Christian friend and mentor to us. We have shared many serious talks as well as laughs together. God has used him and his family to touch so many lives in a positive way. We trust that God will make something good come out of this horrible situation, and hopefully Dr. Jay will return to his Yakima family home very soon. We miss his smiling face.

  11. Janet Penner

    I fasted and prayed again today. If God saved Daniel in the Lion’s Den and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace, He can save Jay. I am praying for a miracle!
    Janet Penner

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