Sunday afternoon (US, pacific time) / Sunday evening (Kiev time) Update

Posted About 3p, 2013/05/19

Yup, you are wearing out that refresh button.

No, I don’t have a lot of news to impart. I certainly can’t say that they found Dad and everything is good with the world. <sigh>

So, let me first say – Thanks to all the people who have offered their time today and yesterday. We were thrilled by the response to our request for interpreters.

I don’t know exactly how many interpreters we had helping us on Sunday – but Alex came, with a car and his snazzy language skills and made our lives a lot easier. [Thanks Alex!]

I also shouldn’t forget the many, many others who have helped in millions of other ways. It’s easy to focus on a few individuals, and then forget all the others who help in less noticeable ways. I wish I could name each one of you individually, and give you a hug and a smile. I hope my generic one-size-fits-all “Thanks!” will help you know we appreciate even the smallest contribution to the effort. [Even though that’s a lot less than you deserve!]

Огромное спасибо нашим украинским друзьям! Вы были невероятно!

We still need interpreters – and as we get into the working week, I suspect we’ll need more than are actually available. So, if you are able to translate [Russian/Ukrainian/English] that would be a great help. If you would please contact me [] I’ll forward the offer on to the people in Kiev and they will contact you. Please give us an email address and a good phone number where we can reach you. We won’t publish your name, email address or phone number if you post it to the comments section either, I promise.

I think the plan for the day on Monday in Kiev is to search or re-search the parks near-by that Dad was known to visit. [Excluding Zamkova park.] I suspect they may have been covered before, but we’ll look again – searching extra carefully in every place possible.

I have not heard explicitly, but I think all the hospitals were visited today and there wasn’t any sign of Dad there. [This was, at least, our second check, and this one was in person.]

Lack of sleep seems to have caught up to me, so I’m not as productive today as I might be. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on where things stand and what we’re planning – at least when I can.

I’ll try to post twice a day – generally coinciding with the start and end of the day in Kiev. [That’s generally around 8-10p and 10a-noon – pacific time.]



10 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon (US, pacific time) / Sunday evening (Kiev time) Update

  1. George & Dena Guthrie

    These posts cost you time and effort, but many of us watch them closely. Our prayers continue…many times a day. Dena

  2. Rachelle Pleasant

    You’re so right. Hitting “refresh” every couple of hours hoping for good news. Love and prayers are with all of you —and thanks for keeping us posted!

  3. Tammi Waterbury

    Prayers going out to the Sloop family. I work in the medical field and I can say that everyone in Yakima is praying for Dr Jays safe return.

  4. Karen Peckham

    We prayed for you all last night at our church in Cheyenne, Wyoming and are continuing to pray today. Our thoughts are with you all, even though we don’t know Dr Sloop personally.

  5. Selene Hernandez

    Thank you for allowing us to see the progress through this blog. I have been checking it twice a day. Our church have been praying for your Dad’s safety and return as well as for the family. I am praying constantly through out the day for God to give guidance and strength to the search team.

  6. Ruth Gruber

    Ephrata SDA Church is praying for Dr. Sloop and your whole family. I just want to say thanks for keeping us posted. Like you said I have been pushing the “refresh” button many times today! My aunt and I are the health leaders for our church and Dr. Sloop has been so helpful. He has such a positive, encouraging attitude! We will continue to pray. God is so great and He is in control. No matter what happens we will praise Him! May He give you strength and courage for each day!

  7. Bonny Alkofer

    Thank you SO MUCH for these updates!! You must be exhausted with all this, and yet you still make time to keep us, who also love your Dad, up to date re. the search. We are continueing to pray for him, to pray for ALL of you, and to pray that God will continue to hold our dear “papa Sloop” (as many of us called him) in HIS arms. God IS good, all the time, and even though it is horribly hard to trust our LORD in a situation like this, we WILL continue to lift this problem up to HIM. Thank you again Greg for these updates. You are amazing. Bonny

  8. Ken and Rita Dedeker

    We have been following the blog and other sources as well. We are so very sorry for Jay’s being missing and are keeping him, Charlene and the rest of the family in our prayers. While we have not had a lot of close contact in recent years we have a very warm place in our hearts for you. Our youngest child and 2nd son is actually named after Jay. Very fond memories of Union College days and Loma Linda.

    We had worked with Luba sapa in the Ukraine and here in the US some in the past. She lives in Kiev and is a great translator. She is in one of our adventist churches ther if you have not run into her yet.
    May God bless and uphold you in your time of great trial.

    Ken and Rita Dedeker

  9. Jean Rhoads

    Dr. Sloop delivered one of our grandsons twenty some years ago; my husband, Don, went to school with him in Keene, TX over 50 years ago. We are praying for Dr. Sloop’s safe recovery, for the family, and for those who are searching for him. Don and Jean Rhoads, Bloomington IN

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