Follow-up Saturday afternoon, US Time

So, I know there’s a host of you that really loved dad – you’ve posted loving comments and the number of people who have reached out is really amazing. Thanks!

So, we know you love us – but I’ve heard that you [at least *some* of you] have been telling the US Embassy about how much you love Jay too. So many and so often, in fact, that they say they are overwhelmed. Wow! So, it’s a good thing to be loved, but a bad thing to overwhelm the embassy switchboard. 🙂

If it isn’t clear enough yet – I’ll say it clearer. Please, don’t call the embassy. They are being really wonderful in reaching out to assist. I, personally, know they sent numerous people to assist in the search of the park on Friday. They’ve been great in responding to our inquiries and following up with us. So, know that we’re very happy with the US embassy, and bugging them won’t bring more help, more quickly. It will only cause disruptions. Thanks so much for listening!

So, now lets play a little more of the game, “Have you thought of..!?”

“Have you checked the hospitals and morgues?”
Yes, we have talked to the hospitals. But, in your defense, we did it by phone. Now that we’ve searched the park and have time to turn to a few other items, we plan to actually visit each, in person. It’s not likely anything was missed in the calls, but a personal visit may help us feel a bit more certain.

“Have you checked bodies of water.”
Well, since there aren’t any bodies of water, moving or otherwise, near any of the places were we thought Jay might have gone missing – the answer would be no. Now that the number of places we are likely to search is changing, I suppose that might change as well. But to date, we’ve not had any potential places in water to search.

“Do you think there’s too much/too little media coverage?” or “What do you think of what XYZ media outlet said.”
Well, I’m not sure what to say. One side of me says – until my Dad is back and home with my Mom, if it takes having his name on every single person on planet earth’s lips, that is fine by me. The other side of me doesn’t want to offend anyone – whispers in my ear, “why is your Dad so special?” I mean really, there are are so many that need attention, help and care. Why the special treatment for my Dad?

While that’s a *huge* discussion – I guess I’ll say – I’m glad lots of people care and want to help. I’m terribly touched at the outpouring of support and care. I certainly don’t want to lose touch with the fact that none of us is owed this kind of care and love from anyone else. But it IS really very, very nice to have it. So, we’re glad to have his name in the news, and we want to get all the help we can.

On the other hand, we know how unreliable the “news” can be. I know some of the reports I’ve seen are wrong in numerous respects. But that’s part of the price for coverage – so we’ll grimace when we find inaccuracies and hope for better.

I know, I’ve had a little amusement at the questions we’ve gotten – and I really don’t intend to mock anyone. I know you’re all trying to help and trying to think of something, anything that we might not have thought of – just trying to do *anything* to help. So thanks. We know, just like calling the embassy, that you care and want to help – that’s why you write, ask questions, give suggestions and drown the embassy switchboard. We love you too!

I’m working on summarizing what we think we’ll be doing to find Dad for the next day in my next post. Hopefully I’ll have something for you in the next few hours.

Again, thanks for all the kind words and thoughts. It helps keep our spirits up during the long wait.


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  1. Emma Johnston

    In response to your dad missing, I am reminded of something Ellen G. White said. She told how God sometimes has taken people from this world and brought them to Heaven. They never saw death. Could this be a possibility with your dad? I don’t know him or you, but God works in mysterious ways. Our ways are not His way. Your dad could be in Heaven.

  2. Lee and Glenda Meadows

    Our hearts and prayers are with you. Katie, Jacob, and LaurenLee, our daughter, climbed trees together in Guam. As long we are playing the have you tried method, have you tried the local druggies. Maybe someone knows of someone in the drug world who was near to the ATM. Sorry to be negative-but maybe an idea.

  3. Connie Stenhoff

    First of all know that I have been praying for your dad and have placed him on the Memorial Bible Church prayer list. Your dad delivered my son 39 years ago and I am a nurse that worked with him at YVMH Family Birthplace until he retired. I love him like family and yes we are all apart of God’s family. MY question is have the people that followed your dad into the park been questioned? There was a note that your dad had been to a cash machine prior to entering the park.. I suppose someone could have seen him pocket the cash and followed him into the park….

  4. Lee and Glenda Meadows

    Can we also appeal to other churches of different faiths to put out messages in their networks. These could be messages of the whole situation and of our needs. Maybe there might be other systems: public health system, fire department, or other big employer, or system, etc. that have a network of workers or clients that if a public relations person would visit them, they may send out the word through their mass emailing etc.

  5. Aurora Lee

    Thank you for keeping us all posted, and for your thoughtful replies to suggestions and ideas. I am going to try one more … Are there any militant groups in the whole country that might need a doctor?

    Your dad really IS that special.

  6. Lynda

    All of us here at Upper Columbia Academy are praying for Jay and the entire family!!! Our thoughts are with you.

  7. Karen Glassford

    I have posted on my facebook about your Dad several times in the last few days and asked my friends to repost my post to theirs. I hope that at least a percentage of my 1,200 friends online have done so. I am now going to spend some time posting again to individual friends (I did this to about 40 of them) and ask them to repost the story about your Dad and I hope that many more will do so.

    My heart goes out to you as my dad (who has passed away 2 years ago) was the same age as yours. I can only imagine how distressed I would be if he was missing. As the daughter of missionary parents, you get used to traveling the world and never worry about something like this happening to any family member. I am so sorry for you and your family and praying for a miracle that your Dad would be found and be able to return home safe and sound.

    Dear Lord, Please be with Greg , his mom and his family. you know how stressful this must be and how they are earnestly praying for their Dad/husband. Please give them comfort, strength, and courage. Wrap your arms around them in a special way today Lord. May translators, man power, vehicles, whatever they need be there to help today. May new ideas of where to look, ways to look, and “who else might know something” come to the surface. Be with Jay in a special way today. If he is hurting, give him relief, if he needs food or water, may you provide it for him like you did for Elijah by the brook Cherith. If he is frightened, give him peace knowing many are concerned about him and praying for him. Please Lord, be with each person involved in the search. If there is criminal activity responsible for this disappearance, please give the ones involved no peace until they come to the authorities. Please lead, guide and direct in every way and give each person peace and comfort knowing that you love them and love Jay more than anyone could ever imagine. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    Just know you and your family are loved even though we have never met and we are praying for you!!


  8. Edwin A. Schwisow

    My late father, Don Schwisow, M.D., volunteered with Total Health Foundation in the early 1990s, soon after he retired, and continued to do so for several years. I met Dr. Sloop once to discuss ways to promote Total Health Foundation more widely. I was impressed with Dr. Sloop’s dedication and almost youthful enthusiasm (though he surely was well into his 50s by that time).

    The life of an international health entrepreneur is never an easy one, and not always safe (as a family we have harrowing tales to tell of 13 years in mission service in Latin America and the Caribbean.). Our family earnestly hopes and prays that Dr. Sloop will by God’s grace persevere and survive any ordeal he may be experiencing as he follows the healing example of Jesus….

  9. Carla Gober

    Gordon and I are praying for Jay’s safe return. In his recent visit with us he said, “I expect you to visit me this summer!” and we have been looking forward to that visit.

  10. Robert and Wanda Beck

    We shared days at Union College and our paths crossed again in Lubbock, Texas. We are praying
    for Jay , his family, and all concerned in the search, and so is our Winter Haven, SDA Church.

  11. Suzanne L. Richings

    I will never give up. I uphold you constantly in my prayers and pray that you are being kept safe under God’s mighty wings. Nothing is impossible with God. Gless you and your family during this awful ordeal. Love and God bless, Suzanne

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