Updates, day two.

I understand that both today and yesterday there were numerous people out looking for Jay – they had pictures/flyers of him and were canvassing the area.

There has been efforts to search some of the places he regularly walked, and trying to determine if he fell or somehow had a physical mishap.

I know that the embassy/consulate has been contacted and more contact occurred with the police.

Unfortunately, he is still missing and no promising leads on where he might be.

It is now well past dark in Kiev, ending the second day about 40 hours since anyone we know last saw him.

I don’t have much more to add, and I’m very busy communicating with people here in the US and with people on the ground.

Thanks again for your thought and concerns. We’ll update you as we can. [Sorry, but updating you comes second after finding Jay. 🙂 ]


Jay Sloop, missing – Kiev Ukraine, 2013-05-14

Jay Sloop

You’re probably here because you’ve heard that Jay Sloop went missing May 14, 2013 in Kiev Ukraine.

The details I have at this moment are thin.

He evidently went for a morning walk, by himself around 7a local time, intending to return shortly to eat breakfast with friends.

He did not return and we have no information as to where he might be.

As of 2013/05/14 3p Pacific Time  [1a Wed, Kiev time] he has not been found.

If you know friends in Kiev or the surrounding community, we would greatly appreciate your help in looking for him and attempting to locate him.

This post is being written from the US, but we can put you in contact with someone in the Ukraine rather than contacting us.

If you have information or want to contact me, please use the following contact information.

Greg Sloop,
503.251.0452 x121 [USA phone number]
Google talk: gsloop.treo@gmail.com

Update May 14 – 5.30p Pacific / May 15 – 3.30a Kiev time

Still no word on Jay Sloop’s location or where he might have gone missing. He has not been heard from since he disappeared nearly 24 hours ago.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

If you have contacts in the Ukraine that you believe might be helpful, please communicate those contacts to the contact information above.



Another day…


Jay Sloop
Dissapeared 2013/05/14, Kiev Ukraine

The day is ending here, and starting in Ukraine.

I’ve had calls, and emails from numerous friends and family. [Josh L, John F. Greg P. George G. J&J W. Arrah, Heidi R, SKRD, Dephena M, and others – I’m sure I’ve forgotten some and others I’m unaware of…]

We’ve had texts from more and we know there are many who are praying. Thanks!

We truly appreciate your thoughts, cares and hopes for a good resolution to this frightful event. We hope so too. [Boy, do we ever hope so.]

Since many ask, let me tell you what I know we’ve done…
The hospitals have been checked and, to our knowledge, there hasn’t been any sign. The police have been contacted, in both countries. I believe we’ve made contact with the embassy/consular staff too. We still have no idea what may have happened. 

I know that today [Wed] in Ukraine there are supposed to be more people involved in searching/contacting authorities and checking more potential ideas. We truly appreciate the efforts made on Dad’s behalf. Again, let me say “Thank you.”

But a few people can’t do it all themselves. So if you have friends who might have resources available that could help, we would greatly appreciate their assistance. Again, the best point of contact at the moment is myself. I’ll repost that at the end. Feel free to contact me if you have some assistance you might offer.

Finally, please continue to keep all of us in your prayers. 

Greg Sloop
503.251.0452 x121
Google talk: gsloop.treo@gmail.com

Link to inital post: http://www.sloop.net/wordpress/?p=5