Jay Sloop, missing – Kiev Ukraine, 2013-05-14

Jay Sloop

You’re probably here because you’ve heard that Jay Sloop went missing May 14, 2013 in Kiev Ukraine.

The details I have at this moment are thin.

He evidently went for a morning walk, by himself around 7a local time, intending to return shortly to eat breakfast with friends.

He did not return and we have no information as to where he might be.

As of 2013/05/14 3p Pacific Time  [1a Wed, Kiev time] he has not been found.

If you know friends in Kiev or the surrounding community, we would greatly appreciate your help in looking for him and attempting to locate him.

This post is being written from the US, but we can put you in contact with someone in the Ukraine rather than contacting us.

If you have information or want to contact me, please use the following contact information.

Greg Sloop,
503.251.0452 x121 [USA phone number]
Google talk: gsloop.treo@gmail.com

Update May 14 – 5.30p Pacific / May 15 – 3.30a Kiev time

Still no word on Jay Sloop’s location or where he might have gone missing. He has not been heard from since he disappeared nearly 24 hours ago.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

If you have contacts in the Ukraine that you believe might be helpful, please communicate those contacts to the contact information above.



32 thoughts on “Jay Sloop, missing – Kiev Ukraine, 2013-05-14

  1. Cleona Bazzy

    Thanks, Greg, I just received a message from Joyce/Jerry. Also Josh and Stella came over to tell me about it. I live next door to them. Yes, I am praying and so are my daughters. It’s on their facebooks and more and more people are praying. Take courage. Cleona

  2. Ethel Price

    My prayers are with all of you in this terribly difficult situation. I pray that God will send His angels to protect and deliver Dr. Jay and hold him and you all up through this trial.
    Love, Ethel

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  4. Emilie Torretta

    Greg: I found out this morning. The L&D nurses are all praying. Our entire office is praying also. I wish I knew of someone who could help.
    Thank you for writing.
    I add my prayers to the many.
    Continued courage to you all.
    Emilie T

  5. Daniel D. Knapp

    Greg, Your dad has been a treasured part of my ministry journey with God. He also “officiated” at the birth of my son, Jason. Sharon and I are keeping Jay and your extended family in our prayers. I held meetings in Kiev so am somewhat familiar with the city. I hope every kind word of comfort is to you and your entire family as an extension of the voice of Jesus to sustain you emotionally and spiritually during this trying time.

  6. Casey Stilwell

    Hello Greg, your dad and your family are in my prayers There are many, many praying for him as I called Rockwood Church and asked that their prayer chain be called to prayer. I pray that you have news very soon. Love to you all, Casey

  7. Kendra Hansen

    I am praying for Jays safe return and for his family to be strong.
    I worked with him for 18 yrs at Memorial L & D he is a wonderful man.

  8. Rachelle Pleasant

    I am the mother of two of the thousands of babies Dr. Sloop delivered over the years. I had a little trouble getting pregnant the second time, so I was privileged to spend a little extra time with him then.
    Twenty some years later he knelt by my hospital bed & prayed with me before performing surgery on me. Then, he delivered my first granddaughter the next year and my second granddaughter a couple of years after that.
    I have such affection and respect for this man. To me, the essence of that man is the physician kneeling beside my hospital bed in prayer. At the same time, when I remember conversations we had over the years, I see the smile on his face and hear the chuckle in his voice.
    I pray that he’s found quickly, but I know that wherever he is our God is with him.

  9. Wayne Kablanow

    We are praying for Jay and family. Our churches and the entire conference are praying for Jay’s safety.

  10. Heidi Roberts-Anderson


    My family and I are friends of the Sloop family. Please know that we are praying for you and your family and for Jay’s safety.


  11. Sheron

    Pastor John Carter of “The Carter Report” is a frequent missionary to the UK. He is here in California and also has a Facebook page. He may have contacts in the UK that would be helpful.

    I am prayer with many others

  12. Julie (Sloan) Gearhart

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time. May Dr. Jay Sloop be located quickly and in good health.

  13. Dana Hopp

    Dear Sloop Family,

    Our prayers are with you. I often see Dr. and Mrs. Sloop walking their dog on Englewood. I always appreciate Dr. Sloop’s friendly wave 🙂 My in-laws attended Englewood Christian (Blaine & Laura Hopp). My husband, Dick, has been on many mission trips around the world. Blaine’s brother and sister-in-law are Seventh Day Adventists.

    Many connections, but no direct face to face. Know that in God’s love, grace and peace we are with you as are many others in Yakima.

    With Love,
    Dana and Richard Hopp

  14. loida west

    Your church family here in GUAM will be praying for him, especially Northern Church where Randy and Christine belonged to when they were here.

  15. Jennifer Corpron Carter

    May angels be protecting this godly man that delivered me: thinking of him and his family often :0

  16. Rachel F.Guevarra

    I’m one of the nurses that worked and a church member here in Guam with Drs. Randy and Kristine Sloop. We’re saddened about the news but rest assured that we are praying for the safe return and reunion of Dr. Jay with the whole family. The Labor and Delivery Staff of GMH who adored Drs Randy and Kristine Sloop are also praying for his safe return. God is watching us.
    Our best regards to the whole family,
    Rachel Guevarra and family/L&D GMH Staff

  17. Bev and Dave HALL

    Prayers for each of you as you endure these long hours. Thinking of you!!

  18. Vaughie Helde

    I have been praying for Dr. Sloops safe return to Yakima since day one. I will continue to pray daily asking God to put his arms around him and the family and keep them in this time.

  19. Dave Keyes

    You don’t have to know Jay long to know that God is with him. I have confidence that this episode in his life is no different! You are continually in our prayers.
    Dave Keyes- Hayden Lake Church, Idaho

  20. Carla Gober

    Gordon and I have been on a honeymoon, so I did not find out about your dad until tonight. I feel devastated by this news. We will pray for all of you.


  21. Roberta Kline Kruger

    I worked at Total Health Lifestyle Center from 1990 to 1992 and knew Dr. Jay Sloop there. I remember him as a very kind and sincere Christian physician. Ever since last Tuesay when I heard that he was missing in Kiev, I have been praying for him and all your family that God will give you comfort, courage, and wisdom. When I think of him during the day, I pray, and also when I waken during the night. God be with him and with you all.

  22. Jim Wilkinson

    I am so sorry to hear that your father is missing. I can only imagine how difficult these last few days have been—please know we are praying for your father’s safe return. Wishing for you and your family comfort and strength through this time. All my best!


  23. Charlene Deming Scott

    Jay was a classmate of mine when we were academy students at Southwestern Junior College, Keene, Texas, where his father was Business Manager. While we have lived in different parts of the country so that our paths have not crossed through the years, I have fond recollections of Jay as a bright, happy young man who was friends to everyone. Anxiety has heightened with the passing of each day, and we like so many, have fears for the outcome, but we can be assured that God has never left his side. Courage and blessings to all of you.

  24. Jennifer Snyder

    I would like to send my love to the entire Sloop family. So glad you are in Kiev and doing everything you can to bring your Dad home. Keep the faith. My husband and I have you in our thoughts and hearts here in Los Angeles.

  25. The Snyder's

    Dear Greg and Family, as your neighbors of so many years, we are greatly concerned over your fathers disappearance. For decades we have said hello to your parents, on Scenic drive, as they did their evening exercise, with their flash lights or neon reflectors in their hands. They always gave us a friendly hello. I would imagine that you are feeling a huge array of emotions right now. Your need for an answer is paramount. Find comfort in knowing that almost the entire town of Yakima knows about this, and is offering up prayers. May we extend to you a blessing of Light… that you are filled, surrounded and protected, offered guidance and direction, comfort and support, as you seek out answers. May they be revealed with ease and your father returned to you in perfect health, all in perfect timing, for the highest good of all concerned. (A huge cyber hug!)

  26. Pat Jesseph

    I have had the privilege of knowing Jay over the years. I have only spoken to him a few times but i can remember his kind words of advice about my health when i was battling hepatitis at Pastors meeting a few years ago. He gave me counsel and looked into my eyes as only a good christian could and gave me courage and advise how to meet my needs. I needed just what he had to say. What a kind man-God bless, will keep praying for him-Pat Jesseph

  27. Kemal Alkan

    He also came to Turkey in 2011 for the health conference near Sardis with Cindy and Steve Walikonis. He is a very nice man and we loved him very much during our conference. I was shocked to hear the sad news about him. We will pray for him as a group. May the Lord protect him so he could be found in a short time safely.

  28. Jack Cooper

    Hi! I live in Kiev, and I first learned about Dr. Sloop’s disappearance on May 15th. I saw some flyers in a park when I was cycling. I took a ride around the area where he disappeared, but it turned up nothing. I went out again today looking.

    Is there any fresh information about what happened?

    I really hope he’s found soon. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.


  29. Jeanene Smith

    My family and all of Yakima is worried and praying for the save return of Jay.
    I am a neighbor and let me know if his wife needs anything , to do an errand or help in anyway….

    Praying for you and your family…. Jeanene Smith Yakima

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