Another day…


Jay Sloop
Dissapeared 2013/05/14, Kiev Ukraine

The day is ending here, and starting in Ukraine.

I’ve had calls, and emails from numerous friends and family. [Josh L, John F. Greg P. George G. J&J W. Arrah, Heidi R, SKRD, Dephena M, and others – I’m sure I’ve forgotten some and others I’m unaware of…]

We’ve had texts from more and we know there are many who are praying. Thanks!

We truly appreciate your thoughts, cares and hopes for a good resolution to this frightful event. We hope so too. [Boy, do we ever hope so.]

Since many ask, let me tell you what I know we’ve done…
The hospitals have been checked and, to our knowledge, there hasn’t been any sign. The police have been contacted, in both countries. I believe we’ve made contact with the embassy/consular staff too. We still have no idea what may have happened. 

I know that today [Wed] in Ukraine there are supposed to be more people involved in searching/contacting authorities and checking more potential ideas. We truly appreciate the efforts made on Dad’s behalf. Again, let me say “Thank you.”

But a few people can’t do it all themselves. So if you have friends who might have resources available that could help, we would greatly appreciate their assistance. Again, the best point of contact at the moment is myself. I’ll repost that at the end. Feel free to contact me if you have some assistance you might offer.

Finally, please continue to keep all of us in your prayers. 

Greg Sloop
503.251.0452 x121
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4 thoughts on “Another day…

  1. Dennis Crane

    I’m praying for the guidance of Our Father to all involved in this trying time. I’m also sensing we should not dismiss the possibility of Jay being a modern day Enoch. Our Father is faithful. Trusting Him, Dennis

  2. Karen Wasiczko

    Our family is praying for Jay’s safe return and for your family to know God’s comfort during this horrible experience. We care about you all as special friends and are available to help in any way we can.

  3. Nita Hinman

    Dear Greg:
    We received this at the church, so that’s the email I used. Your whole family is in our church family’s prayers, and, of course, in my husband Bill’s and mine. I’ve been interviewed on all three local TV stations, and there wasn’t enough time to say all the good things I would have liked to say about your dad. He’s really a wonderful man! We’re having a special prayer session tonight for him, and even though we aren’t giving much advance notice, we will probably have a crowd. He made such an impact on the community and church.
    Nita Hinman
    Secretary and Friend

  4. Randy Dority

    My wife and I met Dr. Sloop when he was in Paris, Texas. He has stayed in touch with us even after he left Paris.
    What a wonderful, kind man. You can see how kind he his with his smile and his demeanor. We should try to emulate him and this world would be better world. When we heard the news we were saddened.
    He and his family are in our prayers and thoughts. Our prayers are that he his found safe and in good health. He was there trying to help others. Now it is his time, he needs help.
    Randy and Gail Dority

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