Friday, mid-day

Today does not bring us any new news in finding Dad.
We’ve looked everywhere, followed every clue. We’ve done all we could, but still no word on where Dad might be.

Yet today marks a change in where we are.
Randy wrapped up all the remaining sightings and such yesterday. The park has been searched over two or three days by another even more experienced set of people than ever before. Multiple dogs were brought in to see what they might find, and all these efforts have turned up, essentially, nothing.

Last night, Randy boarded a flight back to the United States and home. We had booked a ticket for Dad on the same flight, and hoped that some new lead, some critical piece of the puzzle would, perhaps, fall into place, and that Dad would be able to come home.

Yet, that ticket we’d held for Dad went unused.

So, where does that leave us?

It leaves us simply not knowing what happened or why. We are told the police and SBU are still pursuing a very active investigation. We still don’t know, with any certainty, if Dad is alive or not, or being held by someone or not.

So, at this point, we let the police investigation run its course. That could be long, or it could be short – we have no way of knowing.

But for now, there’s really not anything left for us to do. We’ve done all we can possibly do ourselves. We have no reasonable approach, left untried, to locate Dad.

I continue to hope. I continue to pray, and wonder if somehow Dad might still come home. I also have my doubts and down days [or even minutes or seconds.] But I’m not turning the corner on Dad yet. I won’t “forget” about him and assume he is dead. Until we have uncontestable proof, I’ll still continue to hope.

I’m not sure how everyone else will view things and I’m content with however they hold it. The way I hold things isn’t the “right” way – it’s just “my way.” We all see things differently, and I may see them differently than I did even ten minutes ago.

But clearly we’re entering a new part of this journey.

Does this mean the journey is over? Does this mean I’m giving up? Does this mean I’m not going to write here any more? Does this mean that we don’t need your care, and enjoy every minute of your company?

The overwhelming answer is emphatically “No!”

We are not done. We have not given up. We will continue to need your support, care, love and companionship. I will continue to write as long as it feeds us both in nourishing ways.

Mom needs you too.

We have more to say…
We have more journey with you…
Won’t you be my neighbor…
Won’t you come along…


PS. I’m likely to post more information and more complete follow-up later today. We would encourage you to check again later today and tomorrow – we’ll have more information and direction on where we go from here.

Also, you might consider adding the blog to an RSS feed. [If you know what such a thing is….] This would allow you to be alerted by the RSS reader when we post up new information, rather than needing to check “manually.”

If there’s enough interest, I can work on a “how-to” on setting up an RSS reader.

30 thoughts on “Friday, mid-day

  1. Vickie Bullard

    There is always hope! Your Dad is a wonderful man of God and what ever God puts us in- he sees us through it! It will be the same for your Dad and your family. My prayers are always that he is found alive and that he is returned safely to his family. I know discouragement is an awful weapon of satan’s, please remember that God loves you and won’t give you more then you can bear. Keep hope and know others are hoping right along with you. As far as techno stuff- I am lost- thanks for your updates – I look forward everyday to see if he has been found. Prayers always

  2. Rachelle Pleasant

    Thank you again for your posts. I cried, as I’m sure you all have. It’s so hard to accept that someone could just vanish into thin air. We often say, “It’s in God’s hands”, but that phrase has never had so much meaning as it does now. I will continue to pray for Dr. Sloop, for all of you, and for all of us who care about him.

  3. Craig and Sheryll Hisey

    Thanks once again for your efforts to keep us all informed. We are so sorry that you still don’t have the answers you were seeking. Clearly, your family has done EVERYTHING possible in searching for your Dad, but there comes a time when there is nothing left that can be done by human means. Our prayers continue for you all, and our hearts ache for you at this time of the “incomplete” homecoming. May God give you comfort and a sense of His presence with you as your journey continues.

    I’m sure we aren’t the only ones who would appreciate instruction on how to set up an RSS reader, so that we can continue on with you in the coming days.

    Craig and Sheryll Hisey

  4. Bill Taylor

    Greg and family ,
    Karen and our crew continue to pray for Dr Jay. Not day has gone by since hearing that we don’t think of the Sloop’s.
    In our hearts always,
    The Taylor’s

  5. Nancy Sabari

    Greg…I knew your dad at the hospital when I worked at Memorial and I talked to your mom a few times since your parents own the rental house 2 doors from us.
    I think of your dad and family daily and I’m not ready to give up hope quite yet. I envy you and your family your strong faith and know this is what keeps you going.
    You might consider being a writer if and when you ever find time. You have such talent and can certainly move the reader! I’ve laughed and cried reading each post.
    If you are exhausted, don’t post and just rest and be with family but we will all be here waiting if you blog again.

  6. Vickie Smith

    I look forward so much to your stiories of your dad. I know it must be difficult, but somehow healing to write. We left Yakima in 1989, but I will always have fond memories of your mom and dad. Your dad delivered my 3 Kids, but was also a good counselor. I worked briefly at Total Health where I learned a lot about healthy living. I just want you to know that your online friends aren’t giving up either. I will continue to pray for your dad, mom and family. God bless and give you peace.

  7. VG

    I read this report with sobs. What can be harder for you as a family? I know that God has your father in his hands and we can only trust in Him.
    You have done a marvelous job of posting for all of us and that is so appreciated. Many of us, such as myself, you have never heard of, nor do I know your father personally. I am from Idaho and your grandfather was in charge of the bakery when my brother went to GSA. When I was a freshman at GSA Byrna Dean Sloop (I believe your aunt) recovered in our home from a surgery that she had, so there are distant ties. But much more than that, our hearts go out to you as we pray with and for you, as well as agonize with and for you. You have no idea how many prayers ascend almost moment by moment for your father as well as your entire family.
    Yes, I would be interested in the “how-to” for an RSS reader.
    May our Gracious Heavenly Father hold you all in the palm of His hand as we continue to pray for your father’s safe return to you.

  8. Virginia Davidson

    We will continue to pray…and to watch for news.
    “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save,
    or his ear dull, that it cannot hear” [Isaiah 59:1].
    “Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity” [AA145].

    So we continue to hope, and to watch for what God can do…
    and know that God is good, no matter what.

  9. Bart & Janet Moore

    Dear Greg and family,

    Please know that we have been praying since the day your dad disappeared, as has the prayer team at the WWU church. We continue to pray for a miracle…that your dad will be found alive and that God’s Spirit of peace will soothe each hurting heart during these agonizing days without results…that you will have patience as the Ukraine investigative machinery moves at a (seemingly) snail’s pace…that you will each be enveloped by Divine comfort and strength as you continue to entrust your dad, and all outcomes, to our big God…as you find things to be thankful for each day and look for evidence that God’s power is being made perfect in weakness…even if you can’t see it at the moment…

    By way of reference…Bart (also an MD) and your dad worked together on a health presentation in WW a few years back. I never had the privilage of meeting your dad, but I worked as a student assistant at Auburn Academy when your grandpa, Jay Randall Sloop, generously supervised the school’s financial transition back into the black. He was a ‘salt-of-the-earth’ kind of man who spoke often and fondly of his wonderful sons.


  10. Juliet Mugadza

    Greg I can feel your pain. We are praying and everyday like the father of the prodigal son waiting to hear some news that Dr Sloop has been found alive or not. This is really heavy stuff but God is still in control. Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. He loves your family. He loves all of us. His way is the best though we may not see. We all have the question “Why Lord, Why have you remained silent when we call upon your name? Dr Sloop served you and is your stalwart ” but still He accepts the challenge and He understands. We try to imagine everything that could have happened was he on his knees praying and bad people got him? We think of everything but we will only understand when we get to heaven. In His time He will make all things beautiful. God send His angels around all of you, your mom, Randy, you and all the family at large. Hugs lots of hugs.

  11. Gigi DeAnda

    Hi Greg, I am the teacher’s aide at Feather River Adventist school, where your nephew, Jake Sloop, goes to school. I just wanted to let you know that we have been praying for your Dad every since we heard the news. Jake is rather a favorite with us all, students and teachers alike, so we will continue to keep your Dad and all of your family in our prayers! Your updates are much appreciated, sincerely, Gigi DeAnda

  12. Linda Haralson

    Greg and the entire Sloop family, I have been following the postings daily and so appreciate you taking the time to keep us who love Dr Jay and Charlene informed. I am the nurse manager who worked with him forever as well as Randy and Christine. All of you have been diligent in your efforts to find him . You are to be commended!

  13. Paula Cobleigh

    I am so sorry that you have no news about your father yet. I can’t imagine the anguish and suffering you and your whole family must be going through during this time. I’ve really enjoyed the stories that you have shared about your father. I know you must be thoroughly exhausted, but whenever you are up to it, we would all love to hear more stories. You are a great writer and I know your dad is very proud of you. I pray that he is found soon and returned safely home to his family.

  14. Nola & Murit Aichele

    I know how hard it is for each of your family to have to pull back and wait on others to continue tracking things down. Rest assured we all know this has to be done and I know each of you has done all you can. We will continue to pray daily for Jay and for answers to the questions that are uppermost in your minds.

    Please do send us the instructions for the RSS thing you talked about. I’ve never heard of it but I never opened a blog before either. I would like a way to continue to keep up with whatever news, stories, information as it comes along. Do not ever feel that we have forgotten your Dad in our prayers and thoughts for your family even if there isn’t as much feedback. God’s blessings to each of you.

  15. Mollie Sue Prowant

    Greg, thank you so very very much for keeping us up to date on your Dad’s disappearance. My thoughts, my prayers and my tears have been with you and your family every step of the way and many are praying for Jay, Sharlene and each of you, here in Texas – our prayer shawl group in Keene and the interdenominational church here in White Bluff where we live have been praying. We won’t give up and I have faith to believe! God bless you each one and again thank you for your words. I know it hasn’t been easy.

  16. Selene Hernandez

    I will not give up praying for your Dad and your family, specially your Mom, I cannot imagine how she must be feeling. As I said before I will fast once or twice a week until he is found. Your family is very close to my heart. In God we have hope and as much as it hurts not to know where Dr. Jay is, I know God and His angels are protecting him. Please know that I am praying constantly.

  17. Tom & Janette Carter

    Dear Sharelene, Greg, Randy and Family,

    We can’t tell you how much we have appreciated the blogs, Greg and check them many times during the day. The faith of the whole family is a great witness to all of us in the midst of this fierry furnace ordeal. Whatever the situation We know that the Lord has been with Jay as He has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us.

    Greg I don’t believe we have met but Janette roomed with Sharlene briefly at Sunnydale Academy where we all went to high school together. I went to Southwestern as a freshman in academy (Then Southwestern Junior College) when your grandfather, J. Randall Sloop was business Manager. Since he had been in the bakery business he sometimes cooked for us at the cafeteria making some of the best cinnimon rolls I have ever eaten. He not only was a superb business man but was so kind in dealing with all the students. Jay was just graduating from elementary (he either skipped a grade or took in the summer as he and I graduated from Union together when he was our class president). Your aunt, Janet was one year ahead of me and served as vice-president of her class. I just noticed that she had written in my annual.

    It was such a pleasure to eat together at Union College for our 50th anniversary. Jay and Sharlene brought us up to date on your family and it was great to hear the enthusiasm Jay had for helping in church work as well as his regular practice. We were saddened to hear of Janet’s death. But we were thrilled to hear of the blessings of all the family. Also we were so happy that the Lord protected Sharlene when she was actually held up in India. We are praying the Lord will also protect Jay if he is being held.

    Again thank you so much for sharing with us at this most challenging times for the whole family. Be assured that not only are our roots tied together at this time but also we are united in out prayers for jay and all of you.

    With Love, Thoughts and Prayers,

    Tom and Janette

  18. Don and Phyllis Corkum

    You will not know us, but Joyce (your dad’s sister) and we have been friends since 1975 . We are sincerely sorry for the journey you are taking at this time. We have prayed many many times for all of you and for your father. May The Lord surround each of you with His love and strength as the days go on. And, of course, our prayer is that you will see your father return home–surely you will see him in that grand day when Jesus returns. I would be interested in the RSS you described, so if you gave instructions on how to do it, I would be appreciative. Phyllis Corkum

  19. Gayle Foster

    Blessings at this time of transition. What a wrenching decision!

    Thank you for the pictures and stories. I agree with that person above who said that you are a really good writer.

    I have been praying daily since the first post, and will continue to check to see if you have written anything. Especially praying for your mom. My heart really goes out to her. And to each member of the family also as we all wait for whatever will be revealed. The Lord is busy even though we cannot see much action at this time. May the Lord continue to hold you all very close, and his will be done. May everyone continue to trust him.

  20. Irene Talbot

    Thank you for your updates….I so admired your dad and will continue to pray and check in on the blog.
    Your story of bikes brought a smile, as I remembered when he was trying to get me to exercise without the fear of dogs chasing me. He had a dog that kept yapping at him, so one day when it came after him, he threw down his bike and chased the dog! Dog never bothered him again.

  21. Pam

    Our hearts ache for you and your family. My daughter and a friend are working on this song called “Thy Will Be Done”. The first words say “Sometimes the load is heavy, and sometimes the road is long and sometimes, Lord, this heart of mine is not so very strong. But Thy will be done, Lord, Thy will be done. Father, I do not ask You to take this cup from me. I only ask Your guidance o’er paths I cannot see. And Thy will be done, Lord, Thy will be done.” And from Nahum 1:7–“.”The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him.” God knows you–and all your pain. Though we still do not know what has happened to your father, He is still asking you and your family and all of us to keep on trusting. And I believe that if and when we, at times, falter in our trust, He trusts for us. God bless you, Greg, and your whole family.

  22. Mary Anne Kramer

    I am the person watching after your precious Rosie. I have been praying for your beloved dad and will continue to do so. May the Lord surround your family with His strength.

  23. Mark and Brenda Smith

    Greg and family,
    We have followed your blog daily since it started. We have wanted to respond many times, but have been unable to think of anything to contribute that hasn’t already been said and felt. But know that we care, we care very much, and there are no doubt many more like us that have been following this and praying for you.

  24. Janie Liston Kurtz

    Jesus has purchased a very expensive ticket for Dr Sloop… and it’s not going to go unused.

  25. Steve and Cindy

    Dear Greg and family:

    Greg -thanks so much for keeping us all posted in this blog. Everyday, with tears pouring down my face, I pray for this to be the day that your Dad is found. Incidentally, I do have a Russian friend, who spent the first 35 to 40 years of her life in Russia (she is probably in her mid-50s and has lived in the US for at least the last 15 years). I keep asking her questions and she keeps telling me not to quit praying. She said that kidnapping for ransom has happened routinely in her country and that the kidnappers sometimes wait quite awhile, while they observe how widespread and how intense the reaction is in the news media, before they decide how and when to ask for a ransom. I will continue to hope and pray , with your family, that this is the case and that God will over-rule the evil with good. When I told my husband what my Russian friend had shared with me, he mentioned that anyone holding your Dad for this length of time, would be incredibly blessed for having spent time with him. They would not only know that they should drink plenty of water, give up their vodka and soda pop and exercise daily BUT most importantly that they had a God/Creator who loved them intensely and wanted a personal, loving and very intimate daily relationship with them! Praying for God to give each of you the endurance and strength to make it through each moment, as they come, and give you the peace that only he can give.

    Just a memory of your Dad – when it comes to ruining good suits — he sat down on my hospital bed, with something that looked ominously like a crochet hook to me to, to break my water after he saw that I was totally worn out from 19 hours of labor and needed to have things speeded up a bit. He was wearing a very nice looking, gray, pin-stripped, wool suit at the time. He just sat there calmly after perforating the sac and then all of a sudden he said “I’m going to get wet and started to get up just as he was deluged with a couple of gallons of amniotic fluid.” I was hoping later that the dry cleaners were able to salvage the nice suit – maybe it wasn’t as bad as crashing a bike in his suit on the way to church! Back to the hospital – – he sat there in his drenched suit and put the heart monitor on her head — the heartbeat sounded great for about 1 minute and then we heard a scary sound as the monitor dropped down to almost nothing in a matter of a couple of seconds. He very calmly told us that we had a prolapsed cord and proceeded to hold her head off the cord (what a relief to hear the heartbeat again) while he instructed the the nurses to prepare for an emergency C-section. When he saw that my nurse was paralyzed with fear and couldn’t think or move , he had her hold the head off the cord, while he moved with the speed of lightening and safely delivered our precious baby girl with a short few minutes. What a blessing he was to us that day!!!!!

    Your praying friends,

    Steve and Cindy

  26. Ken and Lana Rose

    Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us updated. Our prayers are still with you and your family.

  27. Carla Gober-Park

    Well Greg,

    None of us wanted to be at this place, especially you and your family. There is absolutely nothing more difficult than not knowing. Thank you for your candor all along the way and your stories. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it? Gordon and I remain with all of you as this journey continues from here.

    Warmly, Carla and Gordon

  28. SB

    I know God has heard every prayer. He has the 30,000 foot, 360 perspective (only much greater). I asked Him for several small personal things this week and He answered. Sometimes He gives a greater challenge and responsibility to some of His children to trust in the dark, and one wonders how long. As I worship Him and remember His goodness, I pray for your family and for Dr. Jay, in the name of Jesus Christ.

  29. H. H. Hill

    Jay was a most most practical and down-to-earth person. Innovative, creative, and open-minded. I was privileged to work with him and the Total Health team, first in a consulting capacity and later as board chairman. We first identified some problems and carefully worked out solutions. Jay was so createative and a real nnvator in that process.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Jay turn up, having been taken by those with less than honorable motives, but bring him back having found they could not compete with his foce of character, inherent compassion for others, vast intellectual capacity, and personality. Having been exposed to a man of his exceptional inherent interpersonal warmth, they could not get enough of his scope and depth of Spirit-filed humanity – so new to them. They may have said “Ugh” quite a few times until they better understood his dietary peculiarities.

    Most of all they may have wondered at the strange characteristics of his behavior in regard to prayer and devotional practices. Like it or not they sensed it had a great deal to do with the kind of person he is, how he treated and respected them, and sought to teach and help them to a better kind of life.

    Some may think this far fetched – but not so the family or closest friends. They know how consistent, constant, persistent is the person of whom we speak – Jay Sloop.

    I have kept Jay and the family in my prayers! Herb Hill

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