Friiday morning…

I’m working on a post, right this very second.

It’s not all baked yet. A little more time in the oven is needed.
Check back in an hour or two. I’ll have something by then.




6 thoughts on “Friiday morning…

  1. Rob & Sharon Mathiesen

    Dear Greg ~~~ I work with an acquaintance of your father who is now a retired
    orthodontist here in McMinnville, OR. My late father practiced medicine at the
    old Portland Sanitarium in SE Portland, OR. Our McMinnville church family are
    praying to our Heavenly Father that you and your family find your father soon!!!

    Sincerely yours, Rob & Sharon Mathiesen

  2. Tatiana Heller

    I like the way you are handling all this, Greg…
    I don’t know you, or any of your family, but am one of those many who have been praying for your Dad’s safe return – with all my heart, since day three – and, checking in here twice daily for updates…
    Your blog gives me hope, that if (or when…) I lose my parents, I won’t necessarily go utterly insane. I *do* have my Faith – I’m an Orthodox Christian, very much involved in church. Yet, I wish things like family tragedies were easier to handle, because of that… 🙂 Not the case!
    My dear brother in The Lord, I wish all of you the most Peace that only He can give.
    Thank you for your example of Love and Courage!
    – Tatiana

  3. Tom & Janette Carter

    Dear Greg, Randy, Sharlene and family,

    We have been following with prayers and interest the very moving blogs of the last weeks. We cannot tell you what a witness it is to see your faith in the midst of the fierry furnace. Just like Daniel it doesn’t make any difference how hot the fire is if Jesus is with us. We are still praying earnestly that Jay will be found alive.

    Greg I don’t believe we have met but Janette roomed with your Mom briefly and we all went to Sunnydale Academy together. I went to Southwestern (then Jr. College) when Jay was graduating from elementary and I was a freshman in Academy. (Jay apparently made up or skipped a grade later and we graduated from Union together with Jay as our Class President.) Your grandfather, J. Randall Sloop who I believe Randy is named after was our business manager. I will never forget his kind way of dealing with all of the students. Since he had been in the bakery business he very graciously took over the cooking at times in the cafeteria making some of the best cinnimon rolls I have ever eaten. Also your aunt, Janet was one grade ahead of me and I notice that she wrote in my annual.

    It was a real joy to eat together with Jay and Sharlene at our 50th reunion at Union College. We were saddened to hear that Janet had passed away but were delighted to hear the news of the blessings of your whole family. We were happy for God’s special watch care over Sharlene in India when the taxi driver essentially held her up. We are praying that if Jay is being held the Lord will watch over him in a special way so he may be released.

    You may be sure that our roots are closely drawn together not only by our past but in our prayers for Jay at this time.

    With our love, thoughts and prayers,

    Tom and Janette (Carter)

  4. Marilyn Coughren

    Greg I want to thank you for your notes about what is happening over there. Your dad is in our prayers multiple times during the day.

    May God be close to you all. Marilyn Coughren

  5. Jessica

    I am so very, very sorry for the place your family is now. I have checked your blogs several times each day and enjoyed each look into your lives. I fasted and prayed with you and will continue to pray for you. God knows where he is. May God be with you and put His arms gently around you all and hold you close to His loving heart. This is not a place any of us have wanted you to be, but, as usual, you have carried yourselves with grace and strength and poise. I would love to keep in touch with you and do that RSS option you were talking about.

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