Friday morning…

Lots has changed since my last post. I didn’t want you to think we’d gone away – but I need to take a few minutes to organize some things – so rather than completely leave you hanging while I do so, here’s a intsta-update

1) We have not yet found Dad.
2) Lots has changed.

I’ll be back in the next few hours with a more complete update.


Posted 2013/05/24 6.45a PT

7 thoughts on “Friday morning…

  1. pixie paradis

    Dear Greg,
    We are still praying for you, your family, and your Dad.
    God bless. Pixie Paradis

  2. Ron Reeves

    Praying for Jay and Charlene and the entire Sloop family. You all have been such a blessing to me and my family. Jay, Charlene, Rick, Linda, Randy, Christine, Kids, and now I feel as though I know Greg as I follow along anxiously every day since the 14th. God is in the business of miracles. And He is with Jay. You will continue to be in our hearts and prayers.

  3. Linda Tsibulsky

    Heart sick, continuing to pray for him and your family and that whatever has happened/is happening will be a catalyst to bring someone to God. May you feel His arms of love wrapped tightly around you.

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