Update…near end of day Friday, Kiev time

I’ve only been up an hour or so… I’d been up more than 40 hours with only an hour or two of sleep – so as the day got started in Kiev on Friday I decided to get some sleep.

So, while I really don’t have all the information available yet – I’ll give you what I have.

Today has been a much better day. We have staff from Adventist Risk Management as well as a person who, as I understand it, was the Union president some years ago on the ground managing the search and organizing things.

The search has had many more people available to help, and all on the same task. I’m told [though this could certainly turn out not to be the case] that they think they will have thoroughly searched the park area by the end of the day today. [Kiev is 10 hours ahead of us here on the US West coast. So, right this minute it’s 8p in Kiev.]

The latest word I have is that Jay has not been found, but things have been really making dramatic progress today.

Unfortunately, dramatic progress may well not mean we’ve found him – but I’m highly encouraged.

Finally, we want to give the highest thanks for Sergi [the Union Health Ministries director], as well as the many, many others who are taking their time and energy to assist. We are exceptionally grateful. Thanks!

Please keep everyone, the family, the searchers and particularly Jay, in your prayers.

I’ll update more as the day ends and as we know our situation and needs for tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Update…near end of day Friday, Kiev time

  1. DJ

    Praying for all of you < Dr. Sloop is one of a kind. A man after God's own heart. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. Ruby paz

    My prayers with all of you and I hope you have my success in locating Mr. Sloop
    Love & prayers from Yakima
    Ruby Paz

  3. DBW

    Prayers are ascending here for Jay and all of you. May you each feel the arms of Jesus wrapped around you and holding you close during this very, very difficult time.

  4. Marian & Kerry Forschler

    We are praying. earnestly. We are “graduates” of Total Health and know Dr. Sloop from there.

  5. Anne Schilperoort

    Thank you so much for making these regular updates. Even in the middle of the night I sometimes get up and read your comments and then I pray with the Psalms for Dr. Sloops’s protection and for Mrs. Sloop’s ease of stress. A in Yakima

  6. Selene Hernandez

    Have been praying daily and constantly for Dr. Jay Sloop’s safety, for his family and for the search team to be successful in finding Jay. Psalms 91:1-2 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.” Dr. Sloop was not only my boss the 13yrs I worked for him, but my friend, my mentor and spiritual father. God bless you all, will continue to pray.

    Selene Hernandez

  7. Angela Dreher

    So many are praying for you all. May the Lord protect and give strength to Dr. Sloop.

  8. Gena Giesbrecht

    Dear Sloop Family,
    I work with Randy & Christine Sloop here at the Skyway in Chico. My heart has been very sad the last few days. I just wanted to let you as a family know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. My thought goes to the Verse in the Bible–Trust in the Lord with all thine Heart…..I know that God is Good and his Mercy is Everlasting. May you somehow be comforted by all the prayers that are being prayed at this time. I do know that there is Power in Prayer.
    Love & Prayers,
    Gena Giesbrecht

  9. Volody Nesteruk

    Dear Family and Friends, our family and both Linwood and Slavic Church members are praying for the welfare of our beloved brother and friend. Lord, please help us find your Faithful Servant… We love him very much.

  10. Denise Draggoo

    My thoughts are with you and your family.
    -Denise Draggoo (classmate of Lisa)

  11. Kathy Marson

    I continue to pray he will be found. That god is watching over him wherever he is. Praying for a miracle!

  12. Jean Anne Nelson

    Sending up prayers for his safety and hastened return…..and most of all for God’s will to be done. I’ve asked my church to pray for him as well. Thank you so much for the updates. Continuing to pray.

  13. Lund Fam-Maryland

    We will continue to pray for Dr. Sloop’s safety, and for the Lord to direct all the searches to Dr. Sloop. May the Lord keep him well until you can reach his location. Our prayers.

  14. Ella Jones

    Dear family, we are in Wenatchee, WA praying for you and thinking of you. Your blog is helping us tremendously. The thoughts cannot leave our minds but God knows all your pains. We love you all! Do not give up!
    Ella and family.

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