You've all seen this picture before, but it's a really neat picture, so we get to enjoy it again.

We need to get a post up so you can make your plans.

We would like to invite you to a celebration of Jay Sloop’s life.

We don’t know Dad’s status at this point, and we are not asking that you see Dad’s status in any particular way either.
-Some people we know, are quite certain that Dad must not still be alive.
-Others feel that he must still be alive, and that we’ll get some answer soon.

But no matter what you might believe, we are left without him in our lives right now. We’d like to take time to remember who he is and was, what things were important to him, and reminisce on the time he spent with us.

So, we invite you to celebrate with us, the memory of Jay Sloop, as bittersweet as that may seem in the moment.

When: April 26, 2014, at 3:00 PM
Where: Yakima SDA Church
507 N 35th Ave
Yakima, WA 98902

There may be some changes to the details, though we have set the date definitively. For those of you coming from out of town, here are some details that may make life easier.

Getting to Yakima:
-There are 3 flights into Yakima with Horizon Airlines (Alaska Airlines). If you are flying to Seattle on Alaska you can add the flight to Yakima for about $40 more each way. If you are flying on another airline it is usually quite a bit more to fly into Yakima.
-There is also a shuttle from the Seattle airport to Yakima. Check for information on schedules and prices (~$40 each way)

Some options on lodging:
-Comfort Suites: 3702 Fruitvale Blvd, Yakima, WA 98902 – phone: (509) 249-1900
[This is the closest hotel to the church (about 1 ½ miles). They only have “suites” available.]
-The Oxford Inn (
-Oxford Suites (
These are both near the Yakima River and Greenway (a walking path along the river) and only about 5 miles further away. [Rooms at the Oxford Inn start around $89]

Reserving rooms for group rates is difficult when we have no idea how many people might come into town and need a place to stay. We suggest that you use discounts available to you, such as AAA senior discounts etc. These are often lower than group rates anyway.

If you’re planning on coming with an RV or 5th wheel trailer, there are numerous places for hookups and places to stay.
-Suntides Golf course RV park is probably the closest.

Finally, since we have absolutely no idea how many local and out-of-town people to expect at the service, could you please take a moment to let us know your name and how many people in your party to expect. This will help us plan for the facility and all the related details!

Please email/text:, 503.515.7379.
Thanks again.


10 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Linnea Torkelsen

    Max and I will be there to support your family on this difficult day. We continue to pray for all of you in this horendous experience.

  2. Phyllis Corkum

    Though my husband and I will not be able to attend this event, our thoughts and prayers certainly are with all of you. We know the Lord will surround you with His love and comfort. No matter what Jay’s circumstance is at this time, you WILL see him again someday. What a glorious day that will be! May that promise be a source of strength for all of you during this time. Don and Phyllis Corkum (friends with Joyce and Jerry Wasylyshen)

  3. Dena Guthrie

    Though you do not know me and I doubt Jay would remember me, I have met him once in Yakima when he was running the Total Health program/facility way back in the ’80’s. What has happened to him is my worst nightmare for my own husband.

    Perhaps for this reason, your situation comes to mind daily even after these 9 months and I remember you and especially Mrs. Sloop in my prayers asking for comfort, courage, and peace. I have to trust that God is answering those prayers.

    I will not be at the memorial, but am grateful you are doing this for all of us who care so much about you all.

    Dena Guthrie
    Orlando, FL

  4. kl case

    This will be a bittersweet memorial of Dr. Jay. What a privilege to have the man for a friend. Did I always appreciate or follow his advice? No That usually proved a negative decision on my part. Dr. Jay was daily trying creative ways to get his patients to follow helpful advice. At my last exam I was told, you do not have to exercise if you don’t want to (a slight pause) as long as you don’t eat any food that day. Praise God I have had such a friend, Dr. Jay during our years in Yakima. A big empty spot in our hearts. kit

  5. Richard Gingrich

    I am glad you are having this time of remembrance. We plan to be there.
    Gwen and Dick Gingrich

  6. Murit & Nola Aichele

    We look forward to this celebration of his life and affirmation of our prayers for Dr. Jay. Thankyou for this opportunity. Our love and prayers go out for all of you each day.

  7. Don Weaver

    Val & I will be there. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to remember.

  8. Margaret Deccio

    Although I won’t be attending the memorial, I just wanted to say what a wonderful doctor he was and he definitely cared about the health and welfare of people. Dr. Sloop was my doctor and delivered one of my two children. I pray for happiness in all your lives once again. God Bless!!

  9. Glenn and Mary Alice Hill

    We will continue remembering in prayer. We worked together twice in India doing meetings with Jay and Sharlene and have great memories. We know that someday we will know the full story but for now must
    continue to trust our loving Lord who loves Jay very much. We have also conducted meetings in Ukraine and know how difficult things can get there, but we have some wonderful members who came out of those meetings and expect to see many of them in heaven.

    –Glenn and Mary Alice Hill

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