Saturday evening update…

(The “pillow” and “blanket” are fiberglass props – that’s no softie pillow Dad’s sitting on.)


I don’t have a substantial update for you today – not enough time, and too little remaining brain-power to crank out something better.

So, I’ll simply stick with the bare minimum.

No great news – we still have not found Dad.

We followed up some reported sightings and spent some time walking areas around the place we know where Dad last was. There were a some other things done – but that’s the general feel of it.

I’ll take more time tomorrow to write some more.

This is really, totally and completely in God’s hands. Realizing we are powerless and that God is the one in control is hard – but it’s clear we’re not going to solve this ourselves. So, we keep asking for his intervention, and to help us realize his direction and the will to follow where he leads.



8 thoughts on “Saturday evening update…

  1. VF

    We’ve never met, and I think only once I might have met Dr Jay. Nonetheless, my wife and I are praying for him and the rest of the family and friends awaiting resolution to the odd situation. We appreciate your updates, Greg, and do understand first-hand the challenge of remaining upbeat when things seem cloudy.

    Thankfully we have never faced anything on this scale, but have certainly been stymied on other things by officials in this “developing country” where we are working. A sympathetic pastor of another denomination once told me in the midst of great difficulty, “Remember, they need the Lord, too. It seems that for right now He knows you are the best one to be witnessing for Him.”

    May you all continue to find strength and joy, even while not knowing what the future holds, but in knowing the One who holds the future!


  2. George & Dena Guthrie

    Your dad and each of the family are on our minds constantly. My prayers are shifting to include the possible perpetrators and to asking God to bring great good out of this. He is answering our prayers, but we can’t see it…yet.

    Nadia (shown in your previous post with your dad) is a good acquaintance of mine. We have talked several times when she was in the US. She is a strong woman of prayer and faith.

    “Ministering angels are waiting about the throne to instantly obey the mandate of Jesus Christ to answer every prayer offered in earnest, living faith.” 2 Selected Messages, Page 377.

    Dena Guthrie

  3. Dawn Golladay

    All of the Golladay family are praying for our beloved neighbor! Wherever he is, God is there. We are standing on the promises of Psalm 139: we cannot hide from our Lord. It is truly in the Hands of God. Dr. Jay is lin His Grip. Love and strength to all.

  4. Vickie Smith

    We continue in prayer for dear Dr. Jay, for Sharlene, Rick, Randy, for you Greg and all the family. I hope you feel Jesus’ arms around you for He is there with you. May you find peace right now. Vickie and Galen Smith

  5. Roslyn

    I am continuing to pray for his safe return, this is a time where we all need to bind our resources and get answers. At the same time no matter what the outcome, God be praise, because He allows the positive and the negative, no matter how painful.

    My prayers are with his family.

  6. Ruth MacKenzie

    Your story was amusing. I once rescued a field mouse from a snake. I heard a squeaking sound under the rows of hay drying in the sun. When I turned the hay over there was the snake with half of the mouse in it’s mouth . I hit the snake with hay until it spit out the mouse. I took the mouse to the house but it;s hind quarters were paralyzed and it died in the night. My kids, that you went to school with, like pea soup like you do to this day. Their dad had made it while I was in the hospital to deliver their brother. LOL
    And Yes I am praying for your dad and your whole family.

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