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New PC and Server Hardware Advice: We offer advice on new systems. We can help you find the right supplier and the right price. When you consider what a PC or Server costs wouldn't a small investment in making the right purchase be wise? Would you spend this much money on anything else without really good advice from someone you could really trust?

PC Hardware Maintenance: Repair and upgrades to your existing PC’s and Servers is another area where we can help. We don’t exactly “repair” PC’s and Servers but we do trouble-shoot and replace components such as hard drives, video cards, network cards, etc. We can install more memory and hard drive storage and upgrade any other components on your systems. You can be sure that we won’t just repair or upgrade your PC or Server without making sure that it is cost effective.

Networking: We are professionals experienced in setting up networks working with Novell, Windows, Linux and Macs. If there are products that we aren't most qualified to handle, we have professionals that we can recommend. We offer installation, and maintenance of all these networks. It doesn't matter if you're new to the game or just wanting to add a few stations. On workstations, we are familiar with platforms back to DOS 2.0 to all the current Windows versions, Linux and Mac's too. We will help you get your stations up and running on your network with a minimum of down time and frustration.

Internet: We know our way around the Internet and the technical details you may not want to deal with. We can help you make headway on firewalls, spam filtering, virus filtering , performance issues and much more. We can give answers to questions such as: What are the benefits, and the risks? What will it cost me? How can I get Email, do I need my own mail server? And many other questions that you should be asking before jumping into the fray.

Web Pages and Internet EMail: We can help you design a Web page and find a good internet service provider to host it, or we can help you build your own dedicated connection to the internet to host it yourself. We can implement an internet Email connection to your existing or new Email system. Spam got you down? We have filters that are extremely low cost or free and probably the best of any available anywhere. Ask us about it. We'll have you up and running quickly.

Other Services: We can integrate your productivity applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. We've got an expert DBA (database administrator) and programming expertise. Give us a call if you think we could help. Odds are if we can't solve your specific problem we know someone who can and we can recommend a professional.

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